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Custom Art Designs by Hetty Siebens, Owner and Designer at Believe2Shine

Believe2Shine Designs
To me art should be an expression of your life experiences. To help you understand my life experiences let me tell you a little about me. I am first and foremost a Christian since 2003, but I am also a mother and wife, a survivor of domestic abuse, life-long epilepsy and multiple brain surgeries, which have solved some issues, but caused many others.
My interest in all things creative has been with me for only a few years! The Awakening? The removal of a large portion of my left brain during my 3rd epileptic brain surgery in 2010 which was done awake. This surgery caused the right side of my brain to become dominant and revealed a whole new world to me. Although this surgery had some complications and has left me dealing with severe body pain, I am blessed to have discovered a talent for multiple art forms which I did not have prior to the surgery. I try to focus my art on my faith, family and life’s story, all through the use of vibrant color in abstract form. I try to express the joy’s and challenges of life in my art in hopes that it provides others with meaning and purpose to confront their issues and life challenges head-on.
Life is precious…and I believe that through Jesus, family, friends and art we can shine, even thru the darkest of moments. I pray you enjoy my art and that it helps brighten your world with everlasting joy, hope and peace.

I specialize in Abstract Paintings, requests on a fun different with each family heart paintings-need to be contacted to get your families names and favorite colors, I also do pottery, Digital Art, and jewelry-which is where I began. I figure something out on my own every few months, fun, bright and new to do! I pray you enjoy it too!

Have faith and Believe2Shine…