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About Us

Believe2Shine, LLC., is a jewelry and art design studio founded by Heather Jensen-Siebens, who does all of the design work as well. Believe2Shine is far more than just your average thriving boutique e-commerce site - click here to read more about the heartwarming and very special behind Believe2Shine and Heather.

At Believe2Shine, we walk our talk, so to speak - we are unique in a lot of way:

  • We donate 15% of every single dollar generated to charitable organizations; you can read more specifically about them here...
  • Every single piece is truly custom designed and inspired by Heather Jensen-Siebens - no two pieces are ever identical, and each has it's own personal story behind it, expressed visually through the design and colors...
  • Heather has been designing jewelry full-time for over a year now; see how her inspirational story unfolded here...
  • Our company is based out of the Philadelphia Metro are...but the Believe2Shine team, thanks to our virtually-connected world, is literally everywhere. 
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction - if you are not happy for whatever reason, send the piece back and you'll be fully refunded.*
  • Believe2Shine operates not for purely profit...we are a special hybrid of sorts, and Believe2Shine designs are truly a labor of love and inspiration by Heather Jensen-Siebens.

We are currently operating in the earliest stage - limited online beta to select audiences. As the business scales online and sales continue growing at the pace they are growing already without a live e-commerce site, we will be adding more support staff and allowing more access to the well as releasing more of Believe2Shine's inventory to the public. We thank you for your patience as we ramp up what has turned out to be truly a blessing in so many ways....