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Starting Afresh

by Hetty Siebens

I will first start this blog off with a very mighty thanks to my BIG BROTHER, one I looked up to my whole life-but chased after as a young adult to grow a closer bond I always wanted. And indeed God made that happen! How blessed I will feel forever more! He was the one who initially worked so hard on building this website to fit my style back then, when I was in such excruciating body pain from feet to shoulders from my 3rd awake brain surgery. His heart collapsed over all I went thru. And was thrilled to strive to build this from scratch. Now I am attacking it-because I no longer just do jewelry... I moved on to pottery, then abstract canvas paintings, now even digital prints. I find something new and fun to try out every few months- just out on my own. Never studied a thing. In fact the first C I got in school was IN ART! I was horrible my whole life! It was my 3rd awake brain surgery-my dominant side-that made my non-dominant side, the right artistic side begin to take over parts! Blew my mind away. I still have many gifts on my left side I was blessed with before- LONG TERM memory, multi tasking is nuts! But I did lose my organization skills I used to be a pro at. Every brain surgery it seems out came a new Hetty! Amazing medical abilities these days- praise Jesus!

Without my precious family-my husband Christian, my daughter Tory-there is no way I would be where I am today. I am so gracious to God for whom He has blessed me with. Support is a must to get thru everything in life. Another blessing for me there, also partner I dragged back into her amazing talent is dear Libby Baker Sweiger, from She has been there for me thru all my hospitalizations that have been here in MN- but there for me even when I was afar in AZ or PA. When I began my painting, and was visiting here in MN-I got us a room at a Marriott-laid out all the canvases and paint and brushes and said "go at it sis! If I can- YOU CAN!" Never in my life did I know she did art in her early twenties! She was so giddy and excited- and produced art left and right-without having to go thru any brain surgery! SO what a blessing it is to be a team- Libby and I! We always have been, always will be! Her mom was like my mom-even had my mom's first name, Barbara! So below will be a picture of me, Libby, and Barbara-when she was still here on earth-and the very first time I met them both in person! To God be the Glory for all of this!

I cannot wait to serve you all! My canvas paintings are one of a kinds- I do heart ones based on family-the number in the family, colors family love. That is a call in request anytime you are looking for that. I'm excited to connect with you all on my sites-be friends, and share talents! We all have them! Thank you for stopping by  - my home in my home! 

Much love to you all! 

In His Love,

Hetty Siebens 


My Hot Shadow from Hetty Siebens on Vimeo.


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